version number SKTOOLV7.0.0.80-40_setup(20220823).rar Applicable Model SK series HMISK-035FESK-035UESK-043UESK-043FESK-043HSSK-050HSSK-050HESK-057FESK-T070XS (handheld)SK-070GSSK-070MSSK-070MWSK-070GWSK-102CSSK-102CWSK-102HWSK-102HSSK-121FSSK-H150ASSK-070GGSK-121FESK-070MESK-102CESK-070GESK-102HESK-070MGSK-102CGSK-102HGHMI customizationSK-070QESK-043HESK-043TESK-070ME/MS V3SK-102HE V3SK-102HS V3SK-156QSSK-070QSSK-070QEV3SK-070QTSK-043QESK-043QTSK-102QTSK-102QSSK-070QF (waterproof type)remote controllerRGV2-4G/WIFIDisplay control cloud platformDisplay control cloud platformOne machineGC-070S-32MAA-C Describe SKTOOLV7.0.0.80_40_setup (20220823) change description:Time: 2022-08-23 Repair the connection driver to import the OMRON/AB communication label; New model: SK-070QH model, the resolution of the modified model is 1024600 based on SK-070QT; Time: … Read more


Version number SamSoarII_v2.3.26-215(2022.8.18) Applicable Model MINI PLCFGRB-C8X8T-2/2 (main module)FGRS-C8X8T-4/4 (main module)FGRB-C8X6R (main module)FGR-E16T/A–E16T (digital module)FGR-E16X/A–E16X (digital module)FGR-E12R/A–E12R (digital module)FGR-E8X8T/A-E8X8T (digital module)FGR-E8X8R/A-E8X8R (digital module)FGR-E4AI2AO (analog module)FGR-E4AI (analog module)FGR-E8AI (analog module)FGR-E2AO (analog module)FGR-E4TC (analog module)FSE-C8X8T-2/2 (main module)FGs series PLCFGs-16MR-AC (main module)FGs-16MT-AC (main module)FGs-32MT-AC (main module)FGs-32MR-AC (main module)FGs-48MT-AC (main module)FGs-48MR-AC (main module)FGs-64MR-AC (main module)FGs-64MT-AC (main module)FGs-E16T-C (digital expansion … Read more


Version number setup SATOOL_V6.2.0.4 Applicable Model EA series HMIEA-035A-TEA-043AEA-070BOne machineGC-043-16M-CGC-043-16M2AI-CGC-043-16M4AI-CGC-050-32MAI-CGC-070-24M-CGC-070-24MAA-CGC-070-32MAA-C Description Suitable for EAF/SAF series screens and EA compilation all-in-one machines at the beginning of the barcode Download SATOOL6.2

Samkoon HMI Simulation

Note:To use the offline simulation and online simulation functions, you need to run the SKTOOL software as an administrator Offline Simulation Before transferring the screen to the HMI and connecting the HMI to the connected device, you can use SKTOOL’s own offline simulation function to check the correctness of the configuration screen. Operation procedure Save … Read more


EA HMI SK HMI AK HMI Samkoon SK-035UE HMI Touch Screen SK-035UE Hmi Touch Screen 3.5 Inch Check More PRODUCT FEATURES Highly powerful performance configuration Based on Linux system, the system is stable, efficient, safe and reliableIndustrial grade high performance Cortex A8 processor with main frequency up to 600MHzHigh capacity 128MB FLASH+128MB DDR3Support micro printer … Read more

What to do after the Samkoon touch screen crashes

Three situations and handling of Samkoon touch screen crash: It can work normally after power on again after the machine crashes. After the machine crashes, it is still in a crash state after the power is turned on again, and the touch screen can not be recognized by re-downloading the configuration software. In this case, … Read more