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AK software Driver install

Samkoon touch screen ak series, need to install AKWorkshop software, and then follow sa software driver
1) Power on the touch screen, and connect the screen to the computer through the USB download cable when the touch screen starts normally;
2) Right-click “My Computer” and select “Properties”;

3) Click “Device Manager” on the left;

4) You can find port

Under normal circumstances, the driver name at this time is with a yellow exclamation mark, but the author’s computer has installed the driver before, so the above picture is the normal appearance of the driver; if it has a yellow exclamation mark, it means the driver file has not been installed correctly ; If the download program is not available at this time;

5) you can right-click the port ,and choose “Update Driver Software(P)…

6) Choose the second “Browse my computer for driver software”

7) Select “from the list of device drivers select (L)

8) Select “Universal Serial Bus Controller” and click Next;

9) Select “Have Disk”;

10) Select “Browse”;

11) Under the driver file downloaded in advance, select the “AKHMI_winusb.inf” file;

12) Click OK

13) Next

14) During the driver installation process, the following interface will appear. Choose to click “Always install this driver software”;

It is necessary to explain here. This is not because the driver has a virus, but the warning issued by the Windows system that cannot verify the publisher. This driver file is specially developed by the R & D engineers of Display Control. Please rest assured!

15) When show this , the driver installation is successful;

16) At this time, go back to “device manager”. The yellow  mark in front of the port disappears

Now You can download the program to the HMI.


Does not display Korean

If your program needs to input Korean, but after downloading to the touch screen, it is displayed in Korean. At this time, you need to modify the font under the text control to select a font supported by Korean, such as Gulim or Batang, etc .; so that the program can be displayed on the screen before Korean can be displayed normally.


SK Touch Screen configuration

Samkoon touch screen SK series supports U disk download configuration.

  1. Use the Samkoon SK softwareChoose Samkoon Touch Screen software)to open the modified program and click “Download-Save project as …”
    Click Yes to start compiling the project and wait for the compilation to complete
  2. Select the storage location of the downloaded file on the U disk, and then click the OK button.
    At this time, go to the save path to view, there will be a file named u-disk-prj.bin exists.
  3. Copy the u-disk-prj.bin file to the root directory of the U disk (do not modify the file name, otherwise it cannot be downloaded), insert the U disk into the USB port of the HMI, if the U disk is recognized normally, the screen will display There will be a prompt message “whether to update the configuration”, click Yes, the configuration in the HMI will be replaced by the file in the U disk.

Note: If the U disk cannot be recognized by the HMI, please try to solve it in the following two ways:

① Check the format of U disk, under normal circumstances, FAT32 format is required;
② Check whether there are system files in the USB flash drive. If yes, please format the USB flash drive or replace other USB flash drives.


Samkoon Touch Screen Download failure

When we use the samkoon touch screen, we may encounter a software prompt: download failed, please give the touch screen a restart and download again.

Here are a few reasons why problems can occur

  1. It may be caused by communication interference, unplug the communication cable connected to the HMI, and download again;
  2. It may be caused by strong interference equipment on site, try to shield the interference;
  3. It may be interference from the power supply, which provides power to the HMI alone.

Samkoon Touch Screen slow response

If the samkoon touch screen responds slowly, and the control does not respond when pressed, there may be the following problems on your touch screen

  1. The solution caused by touch screen installation:

  ① Check whether the installation hole of the device is too small, causing the HMI to be squeezed, and should be installed according to the correct opening size;

  ② Check whether the fixing screws are installed too tightly, and keep the stress on the four corners of the HMI as consistent as possible.

  1. Improper configuration project

  There are too many project message events in the configuration program, too many background macros, and the number of variables and controls on this screen is out of range. Please modify the configuration program to reasonably allocate the increase and decrease controls and screens;

  1. Too many communication devices, or collecting data too frequently

   Increase the communication baud rate; call the macro command, the execution cycle should not be too fast; the “data transmission” function execution time is too fast, too much use.


Samkoon HMI Touch failure

If your samkoon touch screen suddenly fails to work with touch, these suggestions can help you

Perform the calibration or the touchpad is damaged, the specific steps are as follows:

1) Turn DIP switch 1 to ON, the other to OFF, restart the HMI, and then perform “coordinate adjustment” (only for F / H type HMI)
2) Save the user HMI configuration project, create a new project, add the function button “Coordinate Adjustment” on the screen, download it to the HMI, and then perform screen correction;
3) If it is invalid, please return to after-sales service.


Samkoon Touch Screen black screen

If we are using the samkkon touch screen to become black, whether it is a black screen when power is turned on or a black screen after a period of work, I will provide the following suggestions。

  1. Black screen as soon as power is turned on

   ① Power problem

Please change to an independent 24VDC (± 20%) switching power supply;

   ② There is a problem with the configuration program

The improper use of macro scripts by customers, forming an endless loop, need to redraw the bottom layer, download a simple project test, modify the original program of the customer;

   ③ Customers brush their own machines, resulting in inconsistent versions

Match the version, repaint the bottom layer, it is not recommended that customers brush their own machines, please contact technical support for help;

   ④ Host failure (corrosion of LCD cable, crystal failure, etc.)

Please contact after-sales, return to the factory for repair after confirming the problem;

  1. After a good job for a period of time, the screen goes blank or sometimes goes blank

Flash is frequently erased or damaged, or the host is faulty. Please contact the after-sales service for repair.


Samkoon Touch Screen cannot be Download

Many friends encounter the problem of “unable to connect to computer or download failure” when using samkoon touch screen.

These are the reasons I often encounter, maybe I can help you

  1. USB download cable malfunction

Power on the HMI and connect the USB cable, plug and unplug the PC. Under normal circumstances, there will be an online prompt for the device in Windows, there is also a prompt under the “Device Manager”, and then manually update the USB driver. If there is no prompt on the computer when plugging and unplugging the USB cable, the USB cable or the USB port on the computer side is replaced, and there is no response. The hardware of the USB port of the HMI is damaged and needs to be returned to after-sales service for repair;

  1. Wrong selection of touch screen model

Modify the touch screen model in the configuration software to make it the same as the touch screen model;

  1. HMI hardware version and configuration software version are inconsistent

The software version and the touch screen hardware version are inconsistent. If you use the SA4.0 and 5.0 old versions to directly download the configuration to the new version of the HMI, you cannot download it. Please check the software and hardware versions;

How to choose the right software

  1. HMI download communication port is damaged

Replace the HMI, such as the same USB download cable and another HMI that can be connected to the same PC, the fault point is the USB communication port of the HMI, which needs to be returned to after-sales maintenance;

  1. After downloading the project, there are demo images on the touch screen all the time.

Uninstall the USB driver, reinstall the USB driver, and then download a blank screen to the touch screen again, it can be solved.


Samkoon HMI can’t communicate with other devices

When we use the samkoon touch screen to communicate with other devices, it has been unable to connect, but we have no errors in settings, it may be because of the following problems

  1. Can’t communicate

1) Failure of communication equipment (PLC, single chip, etc.): ensure that the communication port of the equipment is good, and rematch the communication parameters

2) HMI communication port failure, the solution is as follows:

  ① If the HMI has 2 communication ports, change to another COM test.
  ② If you have a new screen on hand, you can use the same procedure and test with external equipment.
  ③ If all can’t communicate normally, contact technical support, if necessary, return to the factory for repair.

3) The communication line is disconnected: please try to use the special cable produced by the display control

4) The communication cable is too long:

  ① Standard RS232 only supports 15 meters, more than 15 meters, the communication is unstable.
  ② Standard RS485 / 422 can support thousands of kilometers, please add appropriate terminal resistance; if it exceeds 1000 meters, please add 485 signal amplifier.

  1. After a period of normal operation, the communication is interrupted

1) Year-round operation, corrosion and oxidation of the communication line connector: replace the communication cable, or re-weld the cable;

2) On-site interference leads to: reasonably shield the source of interference; use a shielded wire for the communication line; reasonably ground;

3) Touch screen host failure (caused by strong magnetic field current, lightning, etc.): please contact after-sales and return to the factory for repair;

4) The configuration program reads and writes an incorrect PLC address: check the PLC register address, data format, and touch screen match.


Choose Samkoon Touch Screen software

In order to meet market demand, samkoon touch screen provides a variety of software, if you can not upload and download the program normally, it may be the wrong software selection

1) Version 6.0, using SATOOL software: distinguish according to the model, that is, the Model on the label on the back of the display screen ends with the letter F or H. Such as SA-070F, SA-070H;

2) For version 5.0, use SamDraw5.0 software: distinguish by S / N code. The S / N code on the label on the back of the screen starts with SAV or EAV; such as SAV16A23L0350691, EAV17215X 0700063

3) For versions 4.0 and 3.0, use SamDraw 4.0 or SamDraw 3.0 software, which version should be used according to the production date of the touch screen in the S / N code. Both S / N codes start with SA or EA, followed by the four digits are the last two digits and the month of the production year of the HMI, please give priority to the products in the second half of 13 years and later Use SamDraw4.0 software, the first half of 13 years and before, use SamDraw3.0 software; such as SA1503210570001, EA1501110700655 use SamDraw4.0; SA131250001 use SamDraw3.0 version.