What to do after the Samkoon touch screen crashes

Three situations and handling of Samkoon touch screen crash: It can work normally after power on again after the machine crashes. After the machine crashes, it is still in a crash state after the power is turned on again, and the touch screen can not be recognized by re-downloading the configuration software. In this case, … Read more

Samkoon touch screen difference

What is the difference between the same size and different series of samkoon touch screen? Touch screens are divided into capacitive screens and resistive screens, and multi-touch is a function implemented by software, specifically related to the operating system. A touch screen is a screen that can be touched. Multi-touch is a multi-point or multi-user … Read more

How to calibrate samkoon touch screen

Slide your finger to the left on the navigation screen. Click the “Settings” option. Enter the setting page. Swipe up the screen with your finger. Click the “Touch Calibration” option. A prompt appears on the screen, click the “OK” option. Follow the prompts to click on the corresponding position to complete the calibration

AK software Driver install

Samkoon touch screen ak series, need to install AKWorkshop software, and then follow sa software driver1) Power on the touch screen, and connect the screen to the computer through the USB download cable when the touch screen starts normally;2) Right-click “My Computer” and select “Properties”; 3) Click “Device Manager” on the left; 4) You can find … Read more

Does not display Korean

If your program needs to input Korean, but after downloading to the touch screen, it is displayed in Korean. At this time, you need to modify the font under the text control to select a font supported by Korean, such as Gulim or Batang, etc .; so that the program can be displayed on the … Read more

SK Touch Screen configuration

Samkoon touch screen SK series supports U disk download configuration. Use the Samkoon SK software (Choose Samkoon Touch Screen software)to open the modified program and click “Download-Save project as …”Click Yes to start compiling the project and wait for the compilation to complete Select the storage location of the downloaded file on the U disk, … Read more