The Samkoon EA-070B is a 7-inch HMI (Human Machine Interface) touch screen panel designed for industrial automation applications. It is equipped with advanced features that make it suitable for a wide range of automation projects.

The EA-070B features an embedded Linux operating system, which provides a stable and reliable platform for running applications. It also has a CE certification, which means it meets the safety and performance standards required for use in the European Union.

To program the Samkoon EA-070B, you can use the SamDraw3.3 configuration software. This software provides a graphical programming environment that allows you to create custom HMI screens, design graphics, and set up communication with most PLCs and other automation devices. The touch screen supports various data display formats such as text, graphics, animation, and trend charts, which enables you to create advanced and intuitive user interfaces.

The EA-070B also has a built-in HMI port that can communicate with most PLCs, especially those from leading manufacturers such as Siemens, Mitsubishi, Omron, and Delta. This makes it easy to integrate the touch screen into your existing automation system and provides a high level of flexibility in terms of communication protocols.

Overall, the Samkoon EA-070B is a powerful and versatile touch screen panel that can help improve the efficiency and productivity of your industrial automation processes.

Samkoon EA-070B HMI Touch Screen

Software: Embedded type Linux
HMI Certification: CE
configuration software: SamDraw3.3
HMI port can communicate with most of the PLC, in especial

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HardwareOutline dimension203× 145× 38
Cut-out Size192 × 138
Net Weight0.6Kg
Display Size7″(16:9)
Resolution(Px)800× 480
Touch ScreenFour-wire screen
Contrast Ratio450:1
Properties/CertificationMemory128M FLASH + 32M DDR2
Electric Strength Test500V DC, 1min
ESDLevel2 ± 4kV
CEEN55022 & EN55024
Protection GradeIP65(Front panel)
Housing MaterialABS + PC
Power/PortPower SupplyDC24V(+/-15%)
Power Consumption4.5W
Series PortCOM :RS232/422/485
Ethernet PortNO
EnvironmentOperation Temperature-20 ~ 65℃
Operation Humidity10 ~ 90%RH
Shockproof10 ~ 25Hz(XYZ 2G/30min)
SoftwarePC SoftwareSATOOL

Psamkoon ea-070b software download : SATOOL

Dimensions of EA-070B(mm)Outline dimension:203×145×38
Mounting hole size:192×138

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  1. We pucchase that model but we have problem for windows 52 , is this is for windows 7 only for proframing? Right now our windows is 10! Pls help how to resolved this problem

    • The problem is that windows 10 requires that drivers must be signed en the Satool Usb driver is not seen by windows 10 as being signed . So the SAtool’s driver gets a driver code 52. You can work around by disable the requirement for driver signing. Technically term is ‘Disable driver signature enforcement’. Search the enternet on this term perform the necessary tasks. Doing this will overcome the driver error code 52 and you will be able to download your project to the Samkoon Hmi.


      greetz eric,

  2. Buongiorno.
    Il nuovo software non ha risolto il problema. I driver non vengono riconosciuti. Per piacere mi aiuti

  3. no device response samkoon ea-070b with fx3u-24mr
    par erreur j’ai effacer la programmation du plc peux t’il avoir causer le problème et comment résoudre le problème merci

  4. I don’t understand if the RS232,485 support a direct connection via
    The com port is capable to MPI/DP?

  5. Hello, I bought a HMI EA-070B, can you tell me if I can change the Chinese language to English or French? I don’t speak Chinese. Second thing, I can’t find the user manual in English.
    Thank you for answering me.

    Dicky / France

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