The FGRB-C8X6R Main Module boasts fast speed, high security, and flexible performance. With a compact size, it operates in a broad temperature range, offering robust input and output capabilities. Certification includes FCC and CE, and interfaces include RS232, RS485, and USB. The software, SamSoar II, complements its versatile features.

FGRB-C8X6R (Main Module)

  1. Fast Speed:

    • The compiled architecture directly executes low-level code, achieving speeds more than 10 times faster than interpreted languages.
  2. High Security:

    • Supports various security features, including upload and download password protection, monitoring passwords, prohibition of uploads, folder passwords, subroutine passwords, and machine code downloads resistant to reverse engineering.
  3. Flexible and Comprehensive Performance:

    • Pulse and high-speed counting can reach a maximum frequency of 200KHz.
    • Supports 2 channels of pulse counting, real-time speed and position adjustment.
    • Features interpolation, CAD import, and electronic cam functions.
    • Supports 2 channels of high-speed counting, 1 channel of AB phase counting, and various high-speed counting modes.
    • Allows for multiple segment interruptions for high-speed counting target values.
    • Supports 3 extension modules and 1 IO extension.
  4. Custom Development:

    • Offers customized development based on user requirements, providing fast and high-quality technical support services.
  5. Hardware Price Advantage:

    • Powered by a 24V power supply.
    • Compact in size, suitable for narrow spaces, and cost-effective.
  6. Comprehensive Communication Interfaces:

    • Supports RS232, RS485, USB, as well as free ports and modbus communication.
  7. Large Storage Capacity:

    • Supports a user program storage area of over 20,000 lines, eliminating concerns about space limitations.
    • Includes a 16KByte power-off storage area.
  8. Accurate Clock:

    • Utilizes an external real-time clock chip for precise timekeeping.

Structure and Environment

  • Dimensions:

    • Size: 25.2x92x63.4mm
    • Weight: 102g
  • Operating Environment:

    • Temperature: 0°C~55°C (non-freezing)
    • Humidity: 5~95% RH (non-condensing)
    • Vibration Resistance: 10~25Hz (XYZ direction 2G/30 minutes)
  • Power:

    • Power Consumption: 1.5W
    • Power Supply: DC24V±20%
  • Input Parameters:

    • Digital Input: 8
    • Analog Input:
      • Input Mode
      • Wiring: Supports SINK/SOURCE (sourcing/sinking), changeable via internal common point terminals S/S and external common line wiring.
      • Input Signal Voltage: DC24V±20%
      • High-Speed Counting: AB phase counting
      • Measurement Range
      • Maximum Input Range
      • Maximum Resolution
      • Analog-to-Digital Conversion Accuracy
      • Comprehensive Measurement Accuracy
  • Output Parameters:

    • Digital Output: 6
    • Analog Output:
      • Output Type: Relay
      • Output Mode: NO
      • Output Voltage: <250VAC, 30VDC
      • Pulse Output
        • Output Accuracy
        • Output Range
        • Maximum Inductive Load: 80W
        • Maximum Resistive Load: Single point 2A, single end 4A
        • Output Load Impedance
        • Maximum Resolution
  • Certifications:

    • FCC Compatibility: Complies with FCC, Class
    • Withstand Voltage Test: 1000V AC, 1 minute
    • CE Certification: Complies with EN55032 and EN55035 standards
    • Protection Level: IP30
  • Interfaces:

    • RS232: 1 mini232 interface, supports upload, monitoring, serial communication (baud rate: 1200Bps to 115200Bps)
    • RS485: 1 RS485 interface, supports serial communication (baud rate: 4800Bps to 115200Bps)
    • RJ45: Ethernet (NO)
    • USB Device Port: Supports upload, online monitoring
  • Software:

    • Upper Software: SamSoar II