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Choose Samkoon Touch Screen software

In order to meet market demand, samkoon touch screen provides a variety of software, if you can not upload and download the program normally, it may be the wrong software selection

1) Version 6.0, using SATOOL software: distinguish according to the model, that is, the Model on the label on the back of the display screen ends with the letter F or H. Such as SA-070F, SA-070H;

2) For version 5.0, use SamDraw5.0 software: distinguish by S / N code. The S / N code on the label on the back of the screen starts with SAV or EAV; such as SAV16A23L0350691, EAV17215X 0700063

3) For versions 4.0 and 3.0, use SamDraw 4.0 or SamDraw 3.0 software, which version should be used according to the production date of the touch screen in the S / N code. Both S / N codes start with SA or EA, followed by the four digits are the last two digits and the month of the production year of the HMI, please give priority to the products in the second half of 13 years and later Use SamDraw4.0 software, the first half of 13 years and before, use SamDraw3.0 software; such as SA1503210570001, EA1501110700655 use SamDraw4.0; SA131250001 use SamDraw3.0 version.

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Dear Sir,
We used EA-070H and SA-070H HMI in our factory. One unit Damaged so we bought a new one and Program upload by SATOOL and SamDraw under Windows 10. Successfully Uploaded Program but cannot Open, when going to Open the program and SATOOL or SamDraw close automatically. What can I do now. Please help me.

Please I have a new SA-070H that i want to download a program to using Satool but the language is in Chinese. Please how can i change it to English.
I am also having problems with communication between the device and my computer (i am a beginner), how do i go about it.

I have an HMI, the sk-070ME and I am trying to connect to a FATEK PLC. A FBs version. I was abble to establish communication between the HMI and the PLC but only if I use the programming port of the PLC, port 0. Is it not possible to use another port on the PLC? I would like to have two HMI connected to the PLC using two different ports of the PLC.
Best Regards,

Hi everyone,
i have a samkoon SA10. 4A (damaged), i’ve found an SA102HS in local market, I was wondering if the program is compatible

Thank you

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