How to set up the Samkoon touch screen to communicate with the computer?

To upload a touch screen program, the following conditions are required: First of all, we need to know the hardware functions of the touch screen, whether the touch screen you are using supports memory cards or does not support memory cards:
(1) If the memory card is not supported, you can only use PROSAVE to backup and restore the touch screen. Backup refers to uploading the running files in the panel memory to the computer. The file can only be downloaded to the panel of the same model as it is, and cannot be opened, viewed or edited. The restore function is used to download the backup file to the panel.
(2) If the return option is checked when the memory card is supported for downloading, such as MP277 with a memory card, that is, the following conditions are met:

  1. Insert a CF card in the panel.
  2. The upload permission function must be activated. In this way, the upload function can be executed. Uploading refers to returning the compressed original project file stored in the external memory of the panel to the computer.

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