Samkoon Touch Screen slow response

If the samkoon touch screen responds slowly, and the control does not respond when pressed, there may be the following problems on your touch screen

  1. The solution caused by touch screen installation:

  ① Check whether the installation hole of the device is too small, causing the HMI to be squeezed, and should be installed according to the correct opening size;

  ② Check whether the fixing screws are installed too tightly, and keep the stress on the four corners of the HMI as consistent as possible.

  1. Improper configuration project

  There are too many project message events in the configuration program, too many background macros, and the number of variables and controls on this screen is out of range. Please modify the configuration program to reasonably allocate the increase and decrease controls and screens;

  1. Too many communication devices, or collecting data too frequently

   Increase the communication baud rate; call the macro command, the execution cycle should not be too fast; the “data transmission” function execution time is too fast, too much use.