PRO-C 16X16T A

PRO-C 16X16T A is a compact motion control module featuring 32-point IO, EtherCAT protocol, and diverse interfaces. With robust construction, it supports high-speed pulse output, precise motion control, and advanced features like error compensation and G-code simulation. Operating in a wide temperature range, it offers versatility for various applications, combining compact dimensions with powerful motion control capabilities.

  1. Built-in 32-point IO with simultaneous support for local 8-axis high-speed pulse output and 16-channel high-speed counting.

  2. EtherCAT protocol stack for nanosecond-level real-time communication, with a minimum system cycle of 500us.

  3. Multiple debugging and upload interfaces, including USB, U disk, Ethernet, and RS485.

  4. PLC axis control with parameterized configuration and online debugging interface, featuring functions such as limits, zeroing, and jog.

  5. Support for IEC61131-3 motion control MC instructions based on trapezoidal profiles.

  6. Facilitates mapping programming for large-scale hardware configuration, reducing on-site wiring and reconfiguration challenges.

  7. Features electronic gearing, interpolation, electronic cam (future versions), and other advanced functions.

Structure and Environment:

  • Dimensions: 92.5mm x 105mm x 98mm
  • Weight: 390g
  • Housing Material: PC+ABS
  • Operating Environment Temperature: 0°C~50°C (non-freezing)
  • Operating Environment Humidity: 5~95% RH (non-condensing)
  • Shock Resistance: 10~25Hz (XYZ direction, 2G/30 minutes)


  • Power Consumption: 10W
  • Power Supply: DC24V±15%

IO Section:

  • 16 channels of high-speed input, 16 channels of high-speed output, supporting local 8-axis 200KHz high-speed pulse.

Static Protection:

  • ESD level: 3 ±6kV

Motion Control:

  • Pulse Frequency
  • Motion Functions: Single-axis jogging (JOG), continuous trajectory motion
  • Interpolation Curves: Spatial straight line, spatial arc, spiral line, spline curve, NURBS curve interpolation
  • Continuous Interpolation: Look-ahead buffer, G64 continuous short line interpolation
  • Error Compensation: Lead error compensation, reverse backlash compensation, and tool radius compensation
  • Homing Methods: Supports Z pulse homing, secondary homing, etc.
  • Variable Speed Function: Variable speed, rate setting, automatic pause, and other functions during motion
  • G-Code Simulation: Supports offline and online simulation of G-code 3D trajectories
  • G-Code Import: Supports CAD, text, image import to generate G-code