The Samkoon SA-102H is a 10.2-inch HMI touch screen display designed for use in industrial automation applications. Compared to the SA-10.2A model, the SA-102H offers several improvements in terms of performance and functionality.

Firstly, the SA-102H has a higher resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels, compared to the SA-10.2A which has a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels. This means that the SA-102H can display more detailed and clear information on the screen, making it easier to read and interpret data.

Secondly, the SA-102H has a faster CPU and more memory than the SA-10.2A, allowing it to handle more complex tasks and process data more quickly. This is particularly important in applications where real-time data processing is required, such as in factory automation or equipment monitoring.

In addition, the SA-102H supports a wider range of communication protocols, including Ethernet, RS232, RS485, and USB. This makes it easier to integrate with different devices and control systems, and enables more flexible networking options.

Overall, the Samkoon SA-102H is a high-performance and versatile HMI touch screen display that offers significant improvements over the SA-10.2A model in terms of resolution, processing speed, and connectivity options. It is well-suited for a wide range of industrial automation applications where reliable and efficient data processing and communication are essential.

Samkoon Touch Screen SA-102H

SA-102H Samkoon touch screen 10.2” inch instead of SA-10.2A

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HardwareOutline dimension275× 211× 44
Cut-out Size259 × 201
Net Weight2Kg
Display Size10.2″(16:9)
Resolution(Px)1024× 600
Touch ScreenFour-wire screen
Contrast Ratio500:1
Properties/CertificationMemory128M FLASH + 128M DDR2
CPU32-bit Cortex-A8 600MHz
Electric Strength Test500V DC, 1min
ESDLevel4 ± 8kV
CEEN55022 & EN55024
Protection GradeIP65(Front panel)
Housing MaterialABS + PC
Power/PortPower SupplyDC24V(+/-15%)
Power Consumption6W
Series PortCOM1 & COM2 :RS232/422/485
Ethernet PortNO
EnvironmentOperation Temperature-20 ~ 65℃
Operation Humidity10 ~ 90%RH
Shockproof10 ~ 25Hz(XYZ 2G/30min)
SoftwarePC SoftwareSATOOL
  • Programming software: SATOOL

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  1. Hi Technical Support Engineer. I had bought an HMI that’s name’s SA-10.2A many years ago. Which software is support to that HMI. I’ve downloaded your software and installed it’s name is SATOOL V6.0.0.42. Is it support that HMI. If it does not. Could you send me true software.

    Best regards.

    Ertaç CAN

    • SamDraw3.3 Suitable for SA series screens in September 2012-2013

      SamDraw3.2 SA products suitable for 2010-2011

      SamDraw5.0 Suitable for series screens with barcodes starting with SAV and EAV

      SamDraw4.0 Suitable for SA series products from September 2013 to 2015

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