Samkoon HMI Industrial Touch Screen


Samkoon SA-102H is a high-performance and versatile HMI touch screen display that offers significant improvements over the SA-10.2A model in terms of resolution, processing speed, and connectivity options. It is well-suited for a wide range of industrial automation applications where reliable and efficient data processing and communication are essential.

The Samkoon SA-102H is a 10.2-inch HMI touch screen display designed for use in industrial automation applications. Compared to the SA-10.2A model, the SA-102H offers several improvements in terms of performance and functionality.

Firstly, the SA-102H has a higher resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels, compared to the SA-10.2A which has a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels. This means that the SA-102H can display more detailed and clear information on the screen, making it easier to read and interpret data.

Secondly, the SA-102H has a faster CPU and more memory than the SA-10.2A, allowing it to handle more complex tasks and process data more quickly. This is particularly important in applications where real-time data processing is required, such as in factory automation or equipment monitoring.

In addition, the SA-102H supports a wider range of communication protocols, including Ethernet, RS232, RS485, and USB. This makes it easier to integrate with different devices and control systems, and enables more flexible networking options.

High-definition resistance screen

Hardware Outline dimension 275× 211× 44
  Cut-out Size 259 × 201
  Net Weight 2Kg
Display Model SA-102H
  Display Size 10.2″(16:9)
  Resolution(Px) 1024× 600
  Touch Screen Four-wire screen
  Color 262,114
  Backlight LED
  Contrast Ratio 500:1
  Luminance 500cd/㎡
Properties/Certification Memory 128M FLASH + 128M DDR2
  CPU 32-bit Cortex-A8 600MHz
  Electric Strength Test 500V DC, 1min
  ESD Level4 ± 8kV
  FCC FCC,Class A
  CE EN55022 & EN55024
  Protection Grade IP65(Front panel)
  Housing Material ABS + PC
Power/Port Power Supply DC24V(+/-15%)
  Power Consumption 6W
  Series Port COM1 & COM2 :RS232/422/485
  Ethernet Port NO
Environment Operation Temperature -20 ~ 65℃
  Operation Humidity 10 ~ 90%RH
  Shockproof 10 ~ 25Hz(XYZ 2G/30min)
Software PC Software SATOOL
  • Programming software: SATOOL


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