Samkoon HMI Simulation

Note:To use the offline simulation and online simulation functions, you need to run the SKTOOL software as an administrator

Offline Simulation

Before transferring the screen to the HMI and connecting the HMI to the connected device, you can use SKTOOL’s own offline simulation function to check the correctness of the configuration screen.

Operation procedure

Save the currently edited project and select the offline simulation command in the download menu to bring up the offline simulation window, where you can use the mouse to click instead of touching the touch screen to realize some functions of the touch screen in the pop-up window

In the simulation window, select right click to bring up the following menu

Exit:Close the offline simulation window; when the offline simulation is the current window of Windows, press ESC on the keyboard to exit the offline simulation as well.
About:About dialog box

Note:You can close the offline simulation by “Right click”-“Close” in the taskbar

Offline Simulation Example

The offline simulation can help engineering designers to check and find some problems in the configuration screen, such as whether the monitoring address is correctly selected, whether the interrelationship between controls is correct, etc.

Steps for offline simulation

Install SKTOOL software first if you do not have SKTOOL installed.
Right-click on the SKTOOL shortcut on the desktop, select Run as administrator and open the configuration project.

In the offline simulation, the function buttons are only available for the following functions:
“Previous recipe”, “Next recipe”, “Save current recipe”, “Change user level”. “Logout User Level” and “Touch Tone ON/OFF”.
The History Alarm Dialog Box, History Data Display, History Trend Graph, Timer, and Macro Command on the toolbar. “and “Macro Command” on the toolbar cannot be simulated.

After setting the properties of each control, click the “Save” button to save the project, and then select “Offline Simulation” in the “Download” menu in the menu bar.

Online Simulation

Online simulation allows you to communicate with PLCs and other related devices via your PC without an SK series HMI. This function allows your PC to simulate the operation of the touch panel, and can be used to debug the correctness of your configuration software and to perform related tests in case of a touch panel failure. When using the online simulation, please refer to the offline simulation for the configuration operation.

When running the online simulation, please make sure that the cable connecting the PLC to the computer can communicate properly. The online simulation function can be used for 30 minutes, and the simulation will be automatically quit after 30 minutes of program operation.

Note: It should be noted that the cable used by the general PLC in online simulation is the download cable, that is, the cable connecting the PLC programming software, not the communication cable connecting the PLC to the touch screen. If you encounter any problem with communication, please contact technical support as soon as possible.