Samkoon Hmi Software Download

EA/SA series hmi software

V6.0.0.43 | V6.0.0.42 | V6.1.0.34 | V6.1.0.39 | SATOOL_V6.1.0.41(20210512) | SATOOL_V6.1.0.43(20210616)| SATOOL_V6.1.0.45(20210924)
SATOOL manualSA5.0 manualSA4.0 manual
The new version used for EA-035A-T EA-043A EA-070B GC-043-16M-C GC-043-16M2AI-C GC-043-16M4AI-C GC-050-32MAI-C GC-070-24M-C GC-070-24MAA-C GC-070-32MAA-C

Samkoon HMI EA USB Driver Download

EA USB Driver

USB driver for SA5.0 and below

SA6.0: SA touch screen driver is in the software installation directory: *: \ **** \ SATOOL \ USB
EA touch screen driver software is installed in the directory: *: \ **** \ SATOOL \ EAUSB
SA5.0 & SA4.0: SA / EA driver in the software installation directory: *: \ **** \ SamDraw5.0 (or SamDraw4.0) \ USB
Windows XP, Windows7-32 install the driver in the X86 folder
Windows7-64, Windows8 & 10 install the driver in the IA64 folder

Note: For SA5.0 and SA4.0 software on win8 and win10 systems, it is necessary to disable digital signature before installing the driver

SK series hmi software

V7.0.0.61 | V7.0.0.67 | V7.0.0.69 | V7.0.0.69_setup(20210507)|
SKTool6.0.0.52(skf hmi) |
SKTOOLV7.0.0.77(20210713)| SKTOOLV7.0.0.79_setup(2820210916Suitable for SK screens whose barcode starts with SKF/SKG
SKTOOL ManaulSKWorkshop Manual
SKTOOL DriverWindows XP Driver
Windows7-32 Driver
Windows7-64, Windows8 & 10 Driver
SK-035FE    SK-035UE
SK-043D     SK-043FD
SK-043FE    SK-043UE
SK-043HE    SK-043HS
SK-050HE    SK-050HS
SK-070FE    SK-070FS
SK-070GE    SK-070GS
SK-070HE    SK-070HS
SK-070ME    SK-070MS
SK-102HE    SK-102HS
SK-102CE    SK-102CS
SK-121FE    SK-121FS
SK-035AE    SK-043AE
SK-043AE/B    SK-043AS/B
SK-043BE    SK-050AE
SK-050AS    SK-050BS
SK-057AE    SK-057AS
SK-070AE    SK-070BE
SK-070AS    SK-070BS
SK-102AS    SK-102AE
SK6.0.0.52 SKF hmi
Windows8 & 10 system prohibits digital signature

SKTOOLV7.0.0.69 20210603 is for

SK-035FESK-035UESK-043UESK-043FESK-043HSSK-043HESK-050HSSK-050HESK-057FESK-T070XS SK-070GSSK-070MSSK-070MWSK-070GWSK-102CSSK-102CWSK-102HWSK-102HSSK-121FSSK-H150AS / GC-043-16M-CGC-043-16M2AI-CGC-043-16M4AI-CGC-050-32MAI-CGC-070-24M-CGC-070-24MAA-CGC-070-32MAA-CGC-070S-32MAA-C / RGV2-4G/WIFI

Samkoon HMI SK USB Driver Download

Sk6.0 win7/xp 32bit Driver

Sk5.0 USB Driver

Samkoon HMI SK Manual Download

AK series hmi software

AKWorkshop Manual
Driver install
AK-043AC  /  AK-043AE  /  AK-043AW
AK-043BD  /  AK-043BE  /  AK-043BS  /  AK-043BW
AK-050AD  /  AK-050AE  / AK-050AS  /  AK-050AW
AK-050BD  /  AK-050BE  /  AK-050BS  /  AK-050BW
AK-070AD  /  AK-070AE  /  AK-070AS  /  AK-070GW  /  AK-070GG
AK-070BD  /  AK-070BE  /  AK-070BS  /  AK-070MW  /  AK-070MG  /  AK-070BXC
AK-102AD /   AK-102AE  /  AK-102AS  /  AK-102CW  /  AK-102CG
AK-121AD  /  AK-121AE  /  AK-121AS  /  AK-121AW  / AK-121AWG/AK-151AG
Computer client software RemoteHMI_V1.3.11
Android mobile client software HMIClient_2.1.14

Samkoon HMI AK USB Driver Download

AK USB Driver