Samkoon Hmi Software Download

EA/SA series hmi software

V6.0.0.42 V6.1.0.34 V6.1.0.39V5.0.10.4V4.0.4
SATOOL manualSA5.0 manualSA4.0 manual
For EA-035A-T EA-043A EA-070B

SamDraw v3.3 user manual

Samkoon HMI EA USB Driver Download

EA USB Driver

SA6.0: SA touch screen driver is in the software installation directory: *: \ **** \ SATOOL \ USB
EA touch screen driver software is installed in the directory: *: \ **** \ SATOOL \ EAUSB
SA5.0 & SA4.0: SA / EA driver in the software installation directory: *: \ **** \ SamDraw5.0 (or SamDraw4.0) \ USB
Windows XP, Windows7-32 install the driver in the X86 folder
Windows7-64, Windows8 & 10 install the driver in the IA64 folder

Note: For SA5.0 and SA4.0 software on win8 and win10 systems, it is necessary to disable digital signature before installing the driver

SK series hmi software

V7.0.0.61 V7.0.0.67 V7.0.0.69
SKTool6.0.0.52(skf hmi)
SKTOOL ManaulSK Manaul
SKTOOL DriverWindows XP Driver
Windows7-32 Driver
Windows7-64, Windows8 & 10 Driver
SK-035FE    SK-035UE
SK-043D     SK-043FD
SK-043FE    SK-043UE
SK-043HE    SK-043HS
SK-050HE    SK-050HS
SK-070FE    SK-070FS
SK-070GE    SK-070GS
SK-070HE    SK-070HS
SK-070ME    SK-070MS
SK-102HE    SK-102HS
SK-102CE    SK-102CS
SK-121FE    SK-121FS
SK-035AE    SK-043AE
SK-043AE/B    SK-043AS/B
SK-043BE    SK-050AE
SK-050AS    SK-050BS
SK-057AE    SK-057AS
SK-070AE    SK-070BE
SK-070AS    SK-070BS
SK-102AS    SK-102AE
SK6.0.0.52 SKF hmi
Windows8 & 10 system prohibits digital signature

Samkoon HMI SK USB Driver Download

Sk6.0 win7/xp 32bit Driver

Sk5.0 USB Driver

Samkoon HMI SK Manual Download

SK User manual

SK user manual-rus

AK series hmi software

AKWorkshop Manual
Driver install
AK-043AC  /  AK-043AE  /  AK-043AW
AK-043BD  /  AK-043BE  /  AK-043BS  /  AK-043BW
AK-050AD  /  AK-050AE  / AK-050AS  /  AK-050AW
AK-050BD  /  AK-050BE  /  AK-050BS  /  AK-050BW
AK-070AD  /  AK-070AE  /  AK-070AS  /  AK-070GW  /  AK-070GG
AK-070BD  /  AK-070BE  /  AK-070BS  /  AK-070MW  /  AK-070MG  /  AK-070BXC
AK-102AD /   AK-102AE  /  AK-102AS  /  AK-102CW  /  AK-102CG
AK-121AD  /  AK-121AE  /  AK-121AS  /  AK-121AW  / AK-121AWG/AK-151AG
Computer client software
Android mobile client software

Samkoon HMI AK USB Driver Download

AK USB Driver