Samkoon Touch Screen cannot be Download

Many friends encounter the problem of “unable to connect to computer or download failure” when using samkoon touch screen.

These are the reasons I often encounter, maybe I can help you

  1. USB download cable malfunction

Power on the HMI and connect the USB cable, plug and unplug the PC. Under normal circumstances, there will be an online prompt for the device in Windows, there is also a prompt under the “Device Manager”, and then manually update the USB driver. If there is no prompt on the computer when plugging and unplugging the USB cable, the USB cable or the USB port on the computer side is replaced, and there is no response. The hardware of the USB port of the HMI is damaged and needs to be returned to after-sales service for repair;

  1. Wrong selection of touch screen model

Modify the touch screen model in the configuration software to make it the same as the touch screen model;

  1. HMI hardware version and configuration software version are inconsistent

The software version and the touch screen hardware version are inconsistent. If you use the SA4.0 and 5.0 old versions to directly download the configuration to the new version of the HMI, you cannot download it. Please check the software and hardware versions;

How to choose the right software

  1. HMI download communication port is damaged

Replace the HMI, such as the same USB download cable and another HMI that can be connected to the same PC, the fault point is the USB communication port of the HMI, which needs to be returned to after-sales maintenance;

  1. After downloading the project, there are demo images on the touch screen all the time.

Uninstall the USB driver, reinstall the USB driver, and then download a blank screen to the touch screen again, it can be solved.