SA software Driver install

Samkoon Hmi Software Download

Samkoon touch screen sa series, need to install satool software, and then follow sa software driver
1) Power on the touch screen, and connect the screen to the computer through the USB download cable when the touch screen starts normally;
2) Right-click “My Computer” and select “Properties”;

3) Click “Device Manager” on the left;

4) You can find port

Sometimes the drive also show SA60 HMI

if you aren’t sure which port is correct,you can plug and unplug again and again, and the one that appears or disappears is the port correspond

Now the driver name has a yellow mark, indication that the driver file has not been installed. If you download program will prompt “USB communication port is not connected or not recognized”

5) you can right-click the port ,and choose “Update Driver Software(P)…

6) Choose the second “Browse my computer for driver software”

7) Select “from the list of device drivers select (L)

8) Select “Universal Serial Bus Controller” and click Next;

9) Select “Have Disk”;

10) Select “Browse”;

11) Select the USB folder in the software installation directory, such as: D: \ Program Files (x86) \ SATOOL \ USB, 32-bit computer, X86, 64-bit computer, IA64, and select the “.inf” file in the corresponding folder. Click to open (or double-click directly);

12) Click OK

13) Next

14) During the driver installation process, the following interface will appear. Choose to click “Always install this driver software”;

It is necessary to explain here. This is not because the driver has a virus, but the warning issued by the Windows system that cannot verify the publisher. This driver file is specially developed by the R & D engineers of Display Control. Please rest assured!

15) When show this , the driver installation is successful;

16) At this time, go back to “device manager”. The yellow  mark in front of the port disappears

Now You can download the program to the HMI.

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  1. Hi
    we are facing a problem in SA-7A series kindly please help
    the system is automatically rebooting if we are selecting a perticular status

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