Version number


Applicable Model

FGRB-C8X8T-2/2 (main module)
FGRS-C8X8T-4/4 (main module)
FGRB-C8X6R (main module)
FGR-E16T/A–E16T (digital module)
FGR-E16X/A–E16X (digital module)
FGR-E12R/A–E12R (digital module)
FGR-E8X8T/A-E8X8T (digital module)
FGR-E8X8R/A-E8X8R (digital module)
FGR-E4AI2AO (analog module)
FGR-E4AI (analog module)
FGR-E8AI (analog module)
FGR-E2AO (analog module)
FGR-E4TC (analog module)
FSE-C8X8T-2/2 (main module)
FGs series PLC
FGs-16MR-AC (main module)
FGs-16MT-AC (main module)
FGs-32MT-AC (main module)
FGs-32MR-AC (main module)
FGs-48MT-AC (main module)
FGs-48MR-AC (main module)
FGs-64MR-AC (main module)
FGs-64MT-AC (main module)
FGs-E16T-C (digital expansion module)
FGs-E16X-C (digital expansion module)
FGs-E16R-C (digital expansion module)
FGs-E8X8T-C (digital expansion module)
FGs-E8X8R-C (digital expansion module)
FGs-E4AI2AO-C (analog expansion module)
FGs-E4TC-C (analog expansion module)
FGs-E8AI-C (analog expansion module)
Motion Control PLC
FGm-64MT-AC (main module)
FAs series PLC
FAs-20MT-AC (main module)
FAs-20MR-AC (main module)
FAs-40MR-AC (main module)
FAs-40MT-AC (main module)



Date: August 19, 2022

  1. Fixed the problem that the FAs series would drop the program in extreme cases
  2. Add FOLLOW soft limit function to FGm model
  3. Fix the abnormality of TECAM command phase adjustment and other functions
  4. Fix the problem that FGm high-speed counting has a small probability of abnormal readings
  5. Enable CAD function of FGs_48m/64m model
  6. Fix the software error during the download process, causing the PLC indicator light not to light up



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