SK HMI Structure

The entire structure of the Samkoon SK series HMI consists of the display area, indicator light, power interface, and communication ports. The color of all models accords to the industrial design standard, with the feature of soiling resistance to work in harsh factory environments, and indicator lights on the front panel meant to check the equipment status. The power interface and communication ports are located at the bottom of the HMI, which meets the design criteria.

  • Ethernet port: Connection of Ethernet cable
  • USB-B: Insert the U disk
  • USB-A: Connect with PC; download the configuration file from PC to HMI
  • Communication Interface: Communicate with PLC

Power Interface

The Samkoon SK series HMI’s power interface is located in the back panel. With a DC24V power supply (± 15%), it shields effectively against interference, enhancing the anti-disturbance performance of the entire system.

Front panel

a view of the front panel, including the display screen and indicator lights:

Communication port

The communication ports of HMI are located in the bottom panel. Models of SK-121F, SK-102H, SK-102C, SK-070G, SK-070M, SK-070H, SK-070F provide two standard serial communication ports while those SK-035F, SK-035U, SK-043F, SK-043H, SK-043U, SK-050H adopting a 9-core D-type interface for connection to a PLC or other controller and also for communication, provide one standard serial communication port.

When using a shielded cable, RS232 communication distance shall not go over 15 meters. For connection to the computer, it has a USB communication interface used for downloading configuration (data transmission). The transmission rate can be up to 10Mbps. The definition of communication interface differs if it is connected to different PLCs (Please inform us of the type of PLC to be connected when ordering for facilitating the distribution of communication cables).

Side panels of SK(double serial)
Side panels of SK(single serial)


This port is used to connect PLC or other controllers with RS232 / RS422 / RS485 communication port


Running Indicator Lights

The indicator lights of the touch screen consist of three LEDs, including Power (PWR), Run (RUN), and communications (COM)

  • PWR turns green when it is powered;
  • RUN turns yellow if the CPU works normally while it lights out if the CPU fails;
  • COM turns yellow when the touch screen is connected to PLC.

shows the display states of the 3 LED indicator lights in different working states.

Device stateGreen LED(PWR)Green LED(PWR)Yellow LED(COM)
No power supplyOFFOFFOFF
Power onON
CPU runningONON
Communication with the connected deviceONONflashing

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