SK Touch Screen configuration

Samkoon touch screen SK series supports U disk download configuration.

  1. Use the Samkoon SK softwareChoose Samkoon Touch Screen software)to open the modified program and click “Download-Save project as …”
    Click Yes to start compiling the project and wait for the compilation to complete
  2. Select the storage location of the downloaded file on the U disk, and then click the OK button.
    At this time, go to the save path to view, there will be a file named u-disk-prj.bin exists.
  3. Copy the u-disk-prj.bin file to the root directory of the U disk (do not modify the file name, otherwise it cannot be downloaded), insert the U disk into the USB port of the HMI, if the U disk is recognized normally, the screen will display There will be a prompt message “whether to update the configuration”, click Yes, the configuration in the HMI will be replaced by the file in the U disk.

Note: If the U disk cannot be recognized by the HMI, please try to solve it in the following two ways:

① Check the format of U disk, under normal circumstances, FAT32 format is required;
② Check whether there are system files in the USB flash drive. If yes, please format the USB flash drive or replace other USB flash drives.

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