SK Touch Screen configuration

Samkoon touch screen SK series supports U disk download configuration.

  1. Use the Samkoon SK softwareChoose Samkoon Touch Screen software)to open the modified program and click “Download-Save project as …”
    Click Yes to start compiling the project and wait for the compilation to complete
  2. Select the storage location of the downloaded file on the U disk, and then click the OK button.
    At this time, go to the save path to view, there will be a file named u-disk-prj.bin exists.
  3. Copy the u-disk-prj.bin file to the root directory of the U disk (do not modify the file name, otherwise it cannot be downloaded), insert the U disk into the USB port of the HMI, if the U disk is recognized normally, the screen will display There will be a prompt message “whether to update the configuration”, click Yes, the configuration in the HMI will be replaced by the file in the U disk.

Note: If the U disk cannot be recognized by the HMI, please try to solve it in the following two ways:

① Check the format of U disk, under normal circumstances, FAT32 format is required;
② Check whether there are system files in the USB flash drive. If yes, please format the USB flash drive or replace other USB flash drives.

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  1. Hi my friend,
    which hmi is suitable for remote control from mobile phone?
    with HMI client or vnc viever?
    Thanks for Reply,
    sk043 hs do you know that? remotely from smartphone with hmi client. it is very important that not only upload and download work with ethernet, but that the hmi can be controlled remotely. Do you have a dear friend who knows this? send the link required to order. A 4’3 display is sufficient.
    faithfully is yours
    faithfully is yours
    Erik Konrád

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