SK-102HE V3

SK-102HE V3 Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo. Contact Now FEATURES PARAMETERS SPECIFICATION 1. High-Performance Configuration Operating System: Linux (Stable, Efficient, Safe, Reliable) Processor: Industrial Cortex A8, up to 600MHz Memory: 128MB Flash + 128MB DDR3, External U Disk Storage Support Printer Compatibility: … Read more

SK-102HS V3

SK-102HS V3 Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo. Contact Now FEATURES PARAMETERS SPECIFICATION 1.High-performance configuration Based on Linux system, which is stable, efficient, safe and reliable Industrial high-performance Cortex A8 processor up to 600MHz High capacity 128MB FLASH+128MB DDR3, support external U disk … Read more


SK-070QT-G The SK-070QT-G is a high-performance HMI with a wide range of features and robust industrial capabilities. Its support for various communication methods, security mechanisms, and multilingual support makes it suitable for a variety of industrial applications. It also meets important industry certifications for quality and safety. Contact Now FEATURES PARAMETERS SPECIFICATION High-Performance Features: Based … Read more


SK-102QS-G The SK-102QS-G is an industrial-grade device known for its exceptional performance, feature-rich functionality, advanced security, and compliance with quality standards. It is well-suited for various industrial applications. The SK-102QS-G is a versatile industrial device that delivers high performance, advanced security, and feature diversity. It is designed to meet the demands of a wide range … Read more


SK-102QT-G The SK-102QT-G is an industrial-grade device featuring powerful performance, a variety of functions, robust security features, and exceptional quality control, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. The SK-102QT-G is a versatile and reliable industrial device designed to meet various industrial requirements. With advanced performance and security features, it is suitable for … Read more


SK-070QE-G The SK-070QE-G is an advanced industrial device featuring high-performance capabilities, diverse functionality, stringent quality control, and optional connectivity extensions for versatile applications. The SK-070QE-G is a versatile and high-performance industrial device designed to meet a wide range of application requirements. Its flexibility, security features, and quality control make it a reliable choice for industrial … Read more


SK-070QS-G The SK-070QS-G is an advanced industrial device with a powerful configuration, versatile functionality, and rigorous quality control, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of applications. The SK-070QS-G is a robust and versatile industrial device, equipped with cutting-edge features and security mechanisms. Its flexibility, high performance, and strict quality control make it … Read more


SK-070QI The SK-070QI is an industrial device renowned for its high-performance configuration, versatile functionality, and stringent quality control. It is designed to excel in demanding and complex environments. The SK-070QI is a robust and versatile industrial device with exceptional performance, extensive features, and top-notch security. Its adaptability, coupled with stringent quality control and certifications, makes … Read more


version number SKTOOLV7.0.0.80-40_setup(20220823).rar Applicable Model SK series HMISK-035FESK-035UESK-043UESK-043FESK-043HSSK-050HSSK-050HESK-057FESK-T070XS (handheld)SK-070GSSK-070MSSK-070MWSK-070GWSK-102CSSK-102CWSK-102HWSK-102HSSK-121FSSK-H150ASSK-070GGSK-121FESK-070MESK-102CESK-070GESK-102HESK-070MGSK-102CGSK-102HGHMI customizationSK-070QESK-043HESK-043TESK-070ME/MS V3SK-102HE V3SK-102HS V3SK-156QSSK-070QSSK-070QEV3SK-070QTSK-043QESK-043QTSK-102QTSK-102QSSK-070QF (waterproof type)remote controllerRGV2-4G/WIFIDisplay control cloud platformDisplay control cloud platformOne machineGC-070S-32MAA-C Describe SKTOOLV7.0.0.80_40_setup (20220823) change description:Time: 2022-08-23 Repair the connection driver to import the OMRON/AB communication label; New model: SK-070QH model, the resolution of the modified model is 1024600 based on SK-070QT; Time: … Read more


Version number SamSoarII_v2.3.26-215(2022.8.18) Applicable Model MINI PLCFGRB-C8X8T-2/2 (main module)FGRS-C8X8T-4/4 (main module)FGRB-C8X6R (main module)FGR-E16T/A–E16T (digital module)FGR-E16X/A–E16X (digital module)FGR-E12R/A–E12R (digital module)FGR-E8X8T/A-E8X8T (digital module)FGR-E8X8R/A-E8X8R (digital module)FGR-E4AI2AO (analog module)FGR-E4AI (analog module)FGR-E8AI (analog module)FGR-E2AO (analog module)FGR-E4TC (analog module)FSE-C8X8T-2/2 (main module)FGs series PLCFGs-16MR-AC (main module)FGs-16MT-AC (main module)FGs-32MT-AC (main module)FGs-32MR-AC (main module)FGs-48MT-AC (main module)FGs-48MR-AC (main module)FGs-64MR-AC (main module)FGs-64MT-AC (main module)FGs-E16T-C (digital expansion … Read more