Samkoon HMI Touch failure

If your samkoon touch screen suddenly fails to work with touch, these suggestions can help you Perform the calibration or the touchpad is damaged, the specific steps are as follows: 1) Turn DIP switch 1 to ON, the other to OFF, restart the HMI, and then perform “coordinate adjustment” (only for F / H type … Read more

Samkoon Touch Screen black screen

If we are using the samkkon touch screen to become black, whether it is a black screen when power is turned on or a black screen after a period of work, I will provide the following suggestions。 Black screen as soon as power is turned on    ① Power problem Please change to an independent … Read more

Samkoon Touch Screen cannot be Download

Many friends encounter the problem of “unable to connect to computer or download failure” when using samkoon touch screen. These are the reasons I often encounter, maybe I can help you USB download cable malfunction Power on the HMI and connect the USB cable, plug and unplug the PC. Under normal circumstances, there will be … Read more

Samkoon HMI can’t communicate with other devices

When we use the samkoon touch screen to communicate with other devices, it has been unable to connect, but we have no errors in settings, it may be because of the following problems Can’t communicate 1) Failure of communication equipment (PLC, single chip, etc.): ensure that the communication port of the equipment is good, and … Read more

Choose Samkoon Touch Screen software

In order to meet market demand, samkoon touch screen provides a variety of software, if you can not upload and download the program normally, it may be the wrong software selection 1) Version 6.0, using SATOOL software: distinguish according to the model, that is, the Model on the label on the back of the display … Read more

Checking if the version model is consistent

If we use the Samkoon touch screen to download the program, we stay at “Checking whether the version and model are consistent”, but the driver has been installed correctly and the port of the driver manager has been recognized. You can try to solve this situation with the following method:1) Re-plug the USB cable of … Read more

How to set password

Samkoon touch screen support set password when you upload program. Open Samkoon touch screen software, double-click the touch screen parameter settings: In the pop-up interface, check “Do you need a password for upload?”, And then enter the password in the password box that appears. After clicking OK, download the program to the HMI to complete … Read more

SA software Driver install

Samkoon Hmi Software Download Samkoon touch screen sa series, need to install satool software, and then follow sa software driver1) Power on the touch screen, and connect the screen to the computer through the USB download cable when the touch screen starts normally;2) Right-click “My Computer” and select “Properties”; 3) Click “Device Manager” on the left; … Read more

SA EA touch screen Driver

The touch screen is connected to the computer with USB cable. Confirm the system version of the computer and right-click “Properties” of “My Computer”. Find the installation path of the sa software, and find the folder “USB” with the usb driver in the installation directory.      X86 folder-computer corresponding to xp, win7-32 bit system     IA64 … Read more

Windows8 & 10 system prohibits digital signature method

Win10 / win8 system can’t install USB drive without a digital signature? In Win10 /win8 we found the driver can’t  install, because no digital signature, it’s the system for safety problems, we could install USB driver as long as we have temporarily closed digital signature, method is: Click start and hold “shift key” and click … Read more