What to do after the Samkoon touch screen crashes

Three situations and handling of Samkoon touch screen crash:

  1. It can work normally after power on again after the machine crashes.
  2. After the machine crashes, it is still in a crash state after the power is turned on again, and the touch screen can not be recognized by re-downloading the configuration software. In this case, you can turn the dial switch on the back of the touch screen to 2, and use the USB data cable to download the configuration software again. Normal use can be restored in most cases.
  3. The machine crashes when switching the interface. It may be that the communication program does not match well. Adjust the communication program between the touch screen and the controller to solve it.

3 thoughts on “What to do after the Samkoon touch screen crashes”

  1. Hi,

    We are using Samkoon SA-7A HMI and it’s working perfectly. but since last week somehow touch is not working properly.. It seems like it need the re-calibration. Kindly let us know the procedure for the re-calibration of the same.

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