Samkoon Touch Screen black screen

If we are using the samkkon touch screen to become black, whether it is a black screen when power is turned on or a black screen after a period of work, I will provide the following suggestions。

  1. Black screen as soon as power is turned on

   ① Power problem

Please change to an independent 24VDC (± 20%) switching power supply;

   ② There is a problem with the configuration program

The improper use of macro scripts by customers, forming an endless loop, need to redraw the bottom layer, download a simple project test, modify the original program of the customer;

   ③ Customers brush their own machines, resulting in inconsistent versions

Match the version, repaint the bottom layer, it is not recommended that customers brush their own machines, please contact technical support for help;

   ④ Host failure (corrosion of LCD cable, crystal failure, etc.)

Please contact after-sales, return to the factory for repair after confirming the problem;

  1. After a good job for a period of time, the screen goes blank or sometimes goes blank

Flash is frequently erased or damaged, or the host is faulty. Please contact the after-sales service for repair.