Samkoon HMI can’t communicate with other devices

When we use the samkoon touch screen to communicate with other devices, it has been unable to connect, but we have no errors in settings, it may be because of the following problems

  1. Can’t communicate

1) Failure of communication equipment (PLC, single chip, etc.): ensure that the communication port of the equipment is good, and rematch the communication parameters

2) HMI communication port failure, the solution is as follows:

  ① If the HMI has 2 communication ports, change to another COM test.
  ② If you have a new screen on hand, you can use the same procedure and test with external equipment.
  ③ If all can’t communicate normally, contact technical support, if necessary, return to the factory for repair.

3) The communication line is disconnected: please try to use the special cable produced by the display control

4) The communication cable is too long:

  ① Standard RS232 only supports 15 meters, more than 15 meters, the communication is unstable.
  ② Standard RS485 / 422 can support thousands of kilometers, please add appropriate terminal resistance; if it exceeds 1000 meters, please add 485 signal amplifier.

  1. After a period of normal operation, the communication is interrupted

1) Year-round operation, corrosion and oxidation of the communication line connector: replace the communication cable, or re-weld the cable;

2) On-site interference leads to: reasonably shield the source of interference; use a shielded wire for the communication line; reasonably ground;

3) Touch screen host failure (caused by strong magnetic field current, lightning, etc.): please contact after-sales and return to the factory for repair;

4) The configuration program reads and writes an incorrect PLC address: check the PLC register address, data format, and touch screen match.

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