Windows8 & 10 system prohibits digital signature method

Win10 / win8 system can’t install USB drive without a digital signature? In Win10 /win8 we found the driver can’t  install, because no digital signature, it’s the system for safety problems, we could install USB driver as long as we have temporarily closed digital signature, method is:

Click start and hold “shift key” and click power key ,select “restart”;

When restart, system logo onto a screen show us “problem ,reset,computer”;

When you select “Advanced options”,below:

And then we select “Startup Settings”

Next in the startup Settings, we can see many options (such as disable driver signature compulsory), is can’t choose at this moment, we first restart Windows needed to activate these options, we click reboot

After the restart, we can see many special boot mode options, including “disable driving force signature”, we can press the number keys to select into the system, such as the seven key;

Finally go into the driver mandatory signature pattern, then we could install driver,

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